Wednesday, 13 March 2013


So I've been accumulating a fair few products recently, so thought this would be an ideal time to make an Empties post!

The first was Tresemme's Instant Heat Tamer: not much to say about this. Haven't noticed any crazy differences to the quality of my hair but it does the job and it smells nice!

Victoria's Secret Instant Bronze Body Spray: Not one bit happy to be out of this. Its perfect for those nights you've spontaneously decided to go out and don't have time to wait for a tan to develop. Much more natural colour than any Sally Hansen instant tan. Has a nice bit of shimmer in it too and smells like coconut..SO delicious. Will definitely be stocking up on this again next time I'm near a Victoria's Secret.

Lorac Behind the Scenes primer: Best primer ever. I've gone through a sample size and full sized one of this and have another full sized one open at the minute. Have a separate post on this if anyone's interested.

Benefit They're Real Mascara: Absolutely love this but it dries out so fast. Am now on my second one of these but it's drying out quite quickly too. It's not cheap so I better try something else once I'm done with this tube.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash: This was my holy grail mascara until They're Real came along. Its a great mascara for volumising your lashes and looks fantastic over a coat of They're Real. Won't be repurchasing this soon though since I have a few like it at the minute.

Smashbox Lipgloss in Aura: I love this. One of my favorite lip glosses ever but it's so expensive. I got this mini one in a set of Smashbox glosses and loved it so much I purchased a full sized one. It's a perfect everyday peachy pink shade bit little bits of glitter in it. Not the longest lasting gloss but it does have a lovely formula.

Bourjois Liner Pinceau: This was the first liquid eyeliner I ever tried and I haven't changed since. Lasts all day, works well with my sensitive eyes, and is a really pigmented black colour. The brush is really long and thin making it perfect to sit along the lashes when applying. It doesn't dry out quickly either, I find myself having to replace it because its gone past its use by date rather than because it has dried out. Fantastic eyeliner, haven't found anything that replaces it.




  1. i've never tried the Victoria's Secret Instant Bronze Body Spray but think I'm going to need to! i'm not a fan of sally hansen so i'm eager to try this to see how it fairs up.x