Monday, 1 July 2013

LASIK Update - two weeks on

So its been 2 weeks since my LASIK surgery and I just thought I would give an update.

In terms of overall effect, it's amazing. It is phenomenal to go from being legally blind to just being able to wake up and see without any glasses or contacts.

My right eye when seeing on its own is quite blurry. The doctor told me sight fluctuates for about a month so it may change, but if it doesn't I may have to get a 'touch up'. Apparently a touch up is not as complicated as the flap is already created so there shouldn't be as much a problem with this as there was with the surgery. My left eye is perfect though, and with both eyes open, my sight is great.

In terms of comfort levels, I've really had no problems. For the first week or so my eyes were a little dry when I woke up but once I used drops, the dryness went away. Its my last day to use artificial tears today but I'm already finding there's not really much dryness anymore.

The only discomfort I find is that every now and again I find tv lights and computer lights to be a little uncomfortable, but this is normal as eyes are supposed to be sensitive to light for a while. Sunlight doesn't bother me too much but since I live in Ireland, there's not too much sun.

I haven't been driving at night so can't comment on any kind of starbursts or halos but when I start driving, I will update you.

The most irritating thing for me has been not being able to wash my own hair for 2 weeks and also no makeup. Tomorrow I'll be allowed resume these activities again and so can start going back about my normal life. I feel like its only then I'll be able to notice the real difference but I am so excited to see whats in store for me and how much simpler my life is going to be.

Have any of you guys had LASIK? I'd love to hear your experiences.



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