Sunday, 30 December 2012

Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion Review

I have genuinely the most awkward skin type. I am acne prone and sensitive skin, which means that many moisturisers with oil really break me out. To combat this in the past, I have tried oil free moisturizers, but I also have extremely dry patches in the wintertime and when I am on acne medication, so the oil free moisturisers weren't cutting it.


I first tried Cetaphil moisturiser about a year ago, when my dermatologist recommended it to me, and since then it has been my most used moisturiser. It's fragrance free and non comedogenic and so is suitable for sensitive skin. It definitely doesn't break me out and while this may sound ridiculous, it actually improves my skin when I break out. If I have a huge pimple on my face one day, I apply Cetaphil at night time and usually it has completely gone down in the morning. There's no acne medication in it and I'm not claiming its a cure to acne or anything, but often when you're using acne products the oils in your skin are so stripped away by chemicals that your skin starts producing extra oil to repair itself. If you use a moisturiser regularly, this should aid the process.

The only issue I have with Cetaphil is that when my skin gets to be really really dry, like during winter time while using an acne product, it doesn't quite fix the problem although it does aid it. So for those of you with extreme year long dryness, I would maybe suggest trying a different product first.

It's also cheap enough, compared to moisturisers I have tried before like Clinique, so even if you don't like the product having bought it, you're really not at too much of a loss.

Hope this helps some of you :)



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