Saturday, 2 February 2013

Redken Shine Brilliance Shine Flash 02 - Buyer Beware!

I received Redken's Shine Brilliance Shine Flash 02 in a Birchbox last year, but had lost it before I got to use it. It resurfaced at the bottom of a bag last week and I was very excited to give it a try.
Redken describe this as a spray which "illuminates hair with brilliant sheen and a silky feel. Weightless formula gives a light, clean application to all hair types".


I sprayed it in my newly washed hair as I was about to go out the door and the first thing I noticed was the horrible scent. I'm usually not very fussy with scents, not really caring what my hair products smell like but this really was not pleasant at all.

As for the effect of the spray, it really didn't make any difference to my hair whatsoever. There may have been a very slight shine but I don't think I would have noticed except for the fact I was really looking for it.

The scent alone would have put me off buying it but the fact it's pretty much useless has cemented my dislike for the product. I have even noticed that there is an error in the spelling of the product on the bottle (notice it says 'brillance' instead of 'brilliance'). Save your money guys!


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