Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mac Primped Out Eye Look Bag in Drama Taupe

So this Christmas, Mac came out with a large range of sets as they do every year. I got given the Mac Primped Out Eye Look Bag in Drama Taupe as a gift and was super excited to see what was inside!


So the gift set comes in a really cute little green/turquoise cheetah print box. Inside it includes a little makeup bag of matching print, an eyeliner, an eyeshadow duo, a mascara and a brush.


The first thing I'll talk about is the eyeshadow duo. It includes the shades Filament and Black Tied, both of which I think are permanent colors so can be bought individually. However, only one of these I would buy on its own. Black tied is a beautifully pigmented black shade with silver sparkles in it. It would a fantastic shade for eyeliner or if you're brave enough, a dark smokey eye would look amazing using this. The second shade, Filament, was very disappointing. It looks like a beautiful shimmery silver in the pan but when swatched it literally just shows up with no pigment other than silver glitter. I definitely would not wear this on its own but it would probably be nice put on top of a matte shade to make it shimmery.

                L-R: Filament, Black Tied, Engraved eyeliner

The brush is a 275SE Medium Angled Shading Brush. It is a nice soft brush that I think would be best used in the crease. It is good but I don't think I would purchase in full size.

The mascara is Mac's Opulash in 'Bad Bad Black'. I have terrible eyelashes (blonde and short) so there are very few mascaras I am wowed by. This is a nice mascara, nothing amazing but it is good. It's very black which is always a good thing and is a nice big brush which I generally like. It really reminds me of Benefit's Bad Gal Lash which was a favorite of mine for years. It creates a decent bit of volume and I'm sure would look fantastic on someone with nice eyelashes. It does however transfer a little bit after wearing it for a long time so if you have oily eyelids, it may create panda eyes.

The eyeliner included is Mac's Powerpoint eyeliner in Engraved. This is fantastic. I'm pretty picky about eyeliners but this is one of the best (maybe even the best) I have ever used. It is a very black colour and is very very pigmented. It goes on like a dream and is beautifully creamy. (See swatch above with eyeshadows). With other Mac eyeliners, I usually have a problem putting them on the waterline but this one went on very easily. it is waterproof and stayed on the waterline all day and didn't leave that horrible smudgy look under my eyes. It can also be blended out to create a smokey feel if you wish to do so and it sets really well. It alIt seems similar to me to the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners, but I actually think this is better. This is my standout product of the set      

Overall, it was a decent set. It was 58 euro, which I think would be worth it if the Filament eyeshadow was replaced with something you could wear on its own. It did however, introduce me to the Powerpoint eyeliner which I would never have bought otherwise, so that on its own made me happy.

Let me know if you've tried this or any of the other Holiday sets!



  1. this looks lovely!

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