Saturday, 19 January 2013

Garnier 2-in-1 Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller

You know those mornings where you are so tired that you wake up with dark under-eye circles that look like you've been punched? If not, I envy you so much. But if so, I may have a solution for you!


Garnier describe their 2-in-1 Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller as:

 enriched with caffeine to stimulate tired eyes, lemon essence to soothe and brighten delicate under-eye skin, and mineral pigments to instantly cover dark circles. The cooling roller ball alleviates signs of fatigue, while the concealer adapts to your skin tone to provide natural and long-lasting coverage. Immediate results reveal eyes that are radiant, refreshed and dark-circle free.


I have tried both shade 01 and 02 and had drastically different results with both. Being uber pale, I thought the lightest shade (01) would be for me. It matched my arm almost perfectly so I went ahead and bought it. On applying, I loved the coolness under my eye and felt like it woke me up. But in terms of covering dark circles, it only accentuated them. When I tried shade 02, things were different. While it would be too dark for a normal concealer for me, the slight peachy tint to it cancels out the blueness under my eyes that causes dark circles. It's by no means a miracle worker as it is quite light but I hate having makeup caking under my eyes so this does the job perfectly for me and is part of my everyday makeup routine. Even if during the day I'm starting to look a bit tired, I pop this under my eyes and it does the world of good. It doesn't cake no matter how many layers of it you add.

L-R: Shade 02, Shade 01

I do wonder, however, what this product would do without the pigment in it. I know they have an under eye roller with no concealer in it and although I do enjoy the cooling effect the product gives me, I feel it's not very beneficial for dark circles without the pigment. I would, however, advise those with puffy under eyes to give this a try.


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